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Private and Group Reloading Class Schedule


The above one-on-one reloading course allows you to book a free 1-hour phone consultation with us. This allows us to gather information about what you would currently like to learn and what your specific needs are most importantly. If you like more personal classes and having the ability to work directly with an instructor on any topics you want to learn, this is the course for you.


Our number one priority is making sure the topics we discuss are what will accomplish your needs as a handloader.

After the free one-hour phone consultation, we create a course around your needs and goals and meet on an agreed-upon date via Skype or Zoom to go over the class. 

The Advanced Load Development Course is conducted on skype. Once you sign up, an email will be sent to you requesting information needed in order to bring data to class. 

The Advanced Load development class is a group class encompassing the RAD load development method covering everything you need to know about internal ballistics.

The topics include in the Advanced Load Development Class:

  • Internal ballistics and what's really happening with fired cartridges.

  • How to figure out if cases are truly fireformed and how to go about sizing if not.

  • Case fill, what percentages, comparing propellants analytically, statistics, are nodes real? what temperature stability really is.

  • Chamber prints, chamber dimensions, what to look for when creating your own reamer.

  • What really causes dispersion, where to seat your projectile, bullet shape and dispersion effects, real barrel harmonic studies conducted in our lab, when the projectile physically exits, and when muzzle movement really happens.

  • Shot start pressure and identifying pressure better than traditional signs.​

  • How to compare propellants analytically rather than conducting trial and error. 

  • Implementing everything we have learned on Gordons Reloading Tool and how to work up a load with 1 range trip, with minimal components. This course is the ultimate reloading guide for saving component costs and getting directly to the results you want. 


These same topics from the Advanced Load Development Course can also be covered in a 1-on-1 course. 

How To Setup Gordons Reloading Tool Class

Are you just starting out with Gordons Reloading Tool? Looking to double-check if your inputs are correct? Are you wanting to learn how to use Gordons Reloading Tool? Are you looking at how to find the best propellant options in GRT? How do you look for pressure better than the misleading signs of primer cratering?

If you are looking at the questions above and they apply to you, this course will suit your needs. 

We walk through how to set up GRT (Gordons Reloading Tool), How to find the best powder using Gordons Reloading Tool, and also how to look for pressure using Gordons Reloading Tool. 

In this course, since we have limited time to just cover GRT, we do NOT walk through the RAD Load development method nor do we walk through the science behind internal ballistics explaining the "what, how's, why's" to help you understand why you are getting certain results on target, rather than theorizing the millions of variables we hear on the internet today. 

If you want a complete rundown on not only how to do load development in one trip, but also understand how internal ballistics works so you know exactly where to load and what you need to look for, you can learn that material here

This course is conducted via Skype. Once you sign up and choose a day for the class, you will receive an email 10-15 minutes before class containing a Skype Link. Once you click that link, you will be brought to the class room. 


  • Webcam

  • A Microsoft Windows operating system 

  • Mac users will need parallels or a similar program to run Microsoft windows programs.

OEM Clients

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