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Learn to make high quality 
consistent handloads

Step by step high quality video instruction covering a plethora of subjects encompassing everything you need to achieve for utmost precision 

The Class was well worth the time and money. I took it to help give customers the best loads possible. After the class was over, it was apparent it was definitely a worthwhile investment. Anyone can take the class and come away with new information. it's honestly a must for anyone that reloads, it'll save you time, money, and energy. 15/10 recommend!
-Brendin White Owner of Lunyx Custom Munitions

Tremendous Value you'll receive from the course

You'll learn:

  • Learn how to handload from start to finish

  • Learn how to properly set up reloading equipment for utmost precision

  • Learn how to properly choose components for your firearm

  • Load data analysis and how to properly tune handloads to your specific firearm

  • Guide to choose the proper reloading equipment for your specific needs and budget

  • Guide to improve group size and how to make the most consistent ammunition possible 

Our courses are for


New or somewhat experienced handloaders looking to create high-quality ammunition with our easy to follow "A to Z" video guides


Somewhat experienced handloaders looking to improve group size, standard deviation, extreme spread, consistently


Experienced handloaders looking to improve the consistency of their current practices and learn how to squeeze the utmost precision out of their handloads

Our Courses

Our courses

Beginner Course

3+ Hours

About this course

Learning how to reload can be a complex task. In this course, we cover a plethora of subjects encompassing everything you need to know. We provide step-by-step instruction with easy an easy-to-follow guide. Further, while this course is for beginners, intermediately experienced handloaders will benefit from this course because of the many topics discussed that are rarely mentioned in the reloading "world." 

Videos will be updated as current methodologies change and as new reloading equipment is created.


100% Online

3+ hours