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Deadair Sandman K Suppressor Flash Test

Suppressor Flash Test with Sandman K

With various propellants, some have flash reducers like potassium sulfate and nitrate added to help mitigate the amount of flash produced. However, it can come as a double edge sword as those flash reducers can cause a lot of smoke. Projectile weight/dwell time will change the outcome of what you can obtain within a test.

How the Test was Conducted

The test subject includes a Deadair Sandman K with a 556 flash hider endcap version on a 13.9 CORE Criterion barrel. We used a pitch-dark indoor gun range room to eliminate as much external light influence as possible. While we could conduct the test outside, the moonlight on different days could potentially alter the outcome of this test. If we are testing many different barrel lengths, projectile weights, propellants, and silencers, we want to make sure our surrounding environment stays constant.

For the equipment to capture the flash, we used a three-second long exposure to better grab an idea of what the naked eye might see. We will be also filming under NODS at some point to record the smoke produced from some of the propellants being tested and record it as a second metric. I am not sure how true it is, but supposedly smoke can mess with your vision under NODS. I have never tested it as of writing this article, so we will see what happens.

Why not use a video for capturing the muzzle flash for this test?

At a standard 30-60 FPS frame rate most cameras record, it misses what is happening with the flash itself in person. As a result, using a long exposure picture better grabs what the naked eye sees in that split second.

We used a Nikon Z6 on ISO500 F/9.0.

The photos have been edited to increase the exposure to see what is going on better and what we believe to be a more accurate representation of what we saw with the naked eye. This test by no means is a peer-reviewed testing standard. This is a subjective test performed to help others and hopefully at attempting to find useful information.

Our end goal with this testing is to find ideal ways to mitigate ones signature in the dark when firing. If you have anything you would like to see us test, please feel free to shoot us an email and sign up for our mailing list below. We will be sending out updates as we test more configurations and propellant combinations.

Huge thank you to my buddies Connor, Cam, Sharpshooters St. Louis, and Brownells for making this all happen.

Which Ammo had the Lowest Flash Overall?

  • Perfecta 55 Gr.

  • WWB 55 Gr.

  • FC AE223 55 Gr.

  • Barnaul WPA 55 Gr.

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