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Choose your pricing plan

  • Beginning Course

    Perfect for Beginners or Somewhat Experienced Reloaders.
    • Projectile, Powder, Case, and Primer explanations
    • How to Choose Components
    • Comprehensive Explanation of Smokeless Propellants'
    • Detailed Step by Step Guide of Setting Up Equipment
    • Showing How To Reload Precise Ammunition
    • Load Development for Utmost Precision
    • Load Development Anaylsis
    • Explaining Pressure and How to Look For It.
    • Step by Step Notes for Each Course
    • List of Gear Recommended For the Specific Type of Shooter
    • Community Forum Access For Asking Questions
    • The Ultimate Reloading Video Course with Everything You Need
    • does NOT talk about Loading Density. 1 on 1 courses do.
    • Certification Upon Completion
  • 1 on 1 Reloading

    Personal Reloading Course
    • Personal Reloading Course via Skype
    • Custom Course Built for Your Needs
    • Free 1 Hour Phone Consultation Before Class Begins
    • Loading Density and What Yields Precision of a Rifle System
    • $109 an hour
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