How to Handload Video Tutorial

Updated: May 17, 2020

We have created a great video for you to follow along to familiarize yourself with how to start hand-loading and what it is all about.

Some common questions that might be asked while watching this how to reload video tutorial:

Q. What types of brass cleaning methods can I use besides wet tumbling?:

A. Dry tumbling is one of the more common methods among new reloaders because of how easy and cheap it is. it consists of using a vibratory tumbler and usually corn cob media with a brass cleaning solution mixed in. Most come in kits, and you can find great ones here

Q. Where can I find media that will work in my vibratory, tumbler, or ultra sonic cleaner?

A. The vibratory uses dry media with a polish, the wet tumbling uses stainless steel media with a liquid polish, and the ultra sonic cleaner uses hot water and a formula to really dig in deep and remove everything. Here's a link to some of the media you might need.

Q. Is there an easier way of seperating the media from everything so I can grab my brass easier?

A. Yes, most kits come with a separator. However, here's another link that will provide you with a number of different methods to use.

Q. Is there another method of cleaning solution for wet tumbling?

A. Yes, Dawn dish soap and Lemishine work great.

Q. Do you have to lube brass?

A. YES, you HAVE to. Well, unless you like stuck cases in your resizing dies. Some lube will actually become sticky if you run it into your die immediately after applying it to your brass. I would really follow the instructions on the back of the bottle before using. It'll save you time and a few bucks. Here's a link to brass lube

Q. Do all dies have a locking screw or nut inside the locking ring?

A. No, some of the cheaper dies like Lee do not provide a locking nut. They work fine, and get the job done. I personally recommend RCBS because it is in the middle of the price point and affordability of everyone and never disappoints. I also recommend using full length resizing dies. Here's a link to a bunch of dies you can look at

Q. When I purchase dies do they come with a shell holder for my press?

A. Yes and no. You will have to look on the die set you are purchasing to see if it includes any. Lee includes them with their set, and is a great beginner die if you are looking for purchasing one.

Q. What kind of calipers are available?

A. Here's a link to some you can look at. If you are going to go digital i suggest Mitutoyo. They tend to be much more accurate than your cheaper digital calipers that use batteries. For me, I like old fashion calipers that just uses simple mechanics.

Q. What kind of trimmers can I get?

A. There's an endless supply of trimmers. Here's a link to a bunch of different ones you might like. keep in mind that some are caliber specific and others are universal.

Q. What kind of brass prep stations are there? I might just want some hand tools instead of something like that.

A. Here's a link to a bunch of different tools you can use while doing brass prep. I recommend L.E. Wilson tools.

Q. Do I have to use a hand primer?

A. No, if you are using a press like a Dillon the priming system is built in. Most single stages however have these systems, but do not operate with priming tube like the Dillon has. With a single stage press, you most likely have to individual place each primer into the priming mechanism, usually inside of the ram of the press, to prime your brass. I do recommend hand priming your brass because it is a lot easier. For you long range shooting types, single stage press and hand primers are your friends. For those who want to whip out tons of range ammo. I recommend going with a Dillon to ease the whole reloading process. Here's a link to hand primers.

Q. What's the deal with primers?

A. Rounds like .308, 6.5 Creedmoor, and others will usually be sold in brass bags marked LR which stands for (Large Rifle). This indicates that your brass should be used with a large rifle primers. In your reloading manual, you will see what type of primer your round takes. However, in some cases some brass like the 6.5 creed can come in small and large rifle. I recommend reading into what you would want to use. In the 6.5 Creedmoor case, I'd use small rifle primers if your brass allows it. For pistols, like the 9MM, you will use small pistol primers. If you are unsure about anything, again, check your manual. It's your best friend and will keep you out of trouble. Here's a link to some manuals. Also, checkout our blog on what manual to get here

Q. What types of powder dispensers are there?

A. Here's a link to a bunch that might fit your needs.

Q. What is that funnel thingy you are using to pour the powder into the brass?

A. Checkout this link here

Q. Where can I find a case gauge?

A. Click here

Q. What is the depriming tool in the beginning of the video?

A. Click here

If you are interested in any other reloading gear, I suggest you checkout our other articles that will walk you through every single component you will need while hand-loading.

As always, have fun, shoot straight, and happy reloading!


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